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Discount PANDORA Letter 'R' CZ Pendant Charm Buy Cheap



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Discount PANDORA Letter 'R' CZ Pendant Charm Buy Cheap

Wear this Sterling Silver and Clear Cubic Zirconia Hanging Pendant Alphabet Charm as a reminder of a loved one, for a romantic and stylish take on a classic charm bracelet. Wear alone, to make a sentimental statement or combine with another alphabet symbol to link your name with that of your beloved. This stunning charm has 25 sparkly micro bead set Cubic Zirconias, and is part of Pandora's Spring Summer 2014 collection.

Add a Bracelet or Necklace.

Let your creativity unfold with Pandora's new fashionable letter hanging pendant charms. Choose your own initials, those of your children or spell out a word which carries special meaning to you.

The alphabet charms contain between 14 and 34 Cubic Zirconia, each stone measures less than 0.8 mm and is set with the micro bead setting technique; an art that requires extreme precision and is only possible due to Pandora's dedication to sophisticated craftsmanship.

The fashion trend of letters and symbols has inspired Pandora's dangling alphabet charms - the clean and graphic design is perfect for creating on trend looks. From ancient signet rings to famous nameplate necklaces, personalised and monogrammed pieces have long been part of the fashion world. Jewellery with personal significance is now more popular than ever and initial pieces has become the new trend showcasing amazing versatility and creativity.

Pandora's range of beautiful hand finished Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings have all been designed with combinations in mind.

Create and combine and tell your own story.
Your story, Your bracelet, Your design.

Choose charms to represent your life's unforgettable  Moments and wear your bracelet as a collection of wonderful memories and make your moments last forever.

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