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Best PANDORA Aries Star Sign Charm Wholesale



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Best PANDORA Aries Star Sign Charm WholeSale

Aries - 21st March - 20th April

Create a glittering Silver galaxy on your wrist and personalise your Moments Charm Bracelet with this Sterling Silver Aries birthsign Charm with it's openwork star design. A beautiful, hand-finished Sterling Silver PANDORA star sign charm, featuring on it's three faces the Aries symbol, name and illustration, surrounded by a sky of openwork stars.

This is the perfect Charm to gift to those born under the starsign of ARIES, which falls between March 21 - April 20. Those born under the Zodiac sign of ARIES, the first sign in the Astrological Calender, are believed to be dynamic with a strong self-belief representing enthusiasm and vitality. The symbol for ARIES is the Ram which is represented by a ram's horns and head on one of the sides of this Openwork Charm. The Aries sign, symbol and engraved name are captured forever in sterling silver, illuminated by a constellation of stars. The ruling planet for ARIES is Mars and the birthstone is Aquamarine/Quartz.

Unique friendship constellations shine brightly on Bracelets. Symbolising cherished confidantes and their personalities, vintage-inspired star signs feature stylised illustrations, engravings and a sky full of openwork stars.

This Openwork Charm does not have a central threading, please ensure that it is not the last Charm placed on your Bracelet. Part of PANDORA'S Pre Autumn 2016 collection.

Make your memories last forever and wear your own story of sweet nostalgia with hand finished Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings. Choose your jewellery to represent your life's Unforgettable Moments and wear it as a reminder of wonderful memories, make your moments last forever.

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